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Summer 2014



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If you know someone who:

-is legally blind,

-cannot see well with glasses,

-is unable to hold a book,

-or has a brain injury,

have them contact the Montana Talking Book Library.


Whether permanent or temporary, he or she may be eligible for MTBL services.  Contact us to find out at 1-800-332-3400 or mtbl@mt.gov.








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Librarian’s Logbook - Christie Briggs, Regional Librarian


Employee Gems

— Diane Gunderson retired on April 30th, after 27 years at the Montana State Library, which included 12 years at the Talking Book Library as the Director of Recording and Volunteer Programs.  Diane’s contributions to MTBL were numerous.  I hired Diane in 2002 for her excellent organization and training skills.  I came to appreciate her commitment to train and support our volunteers with a keen focus on developing excellence in the recording program.  We wish her the best in her well-deserved retirement.

— I’m pleased to announce that Erin Harris was hired in May as the new Director of Recording and Volunteer Programs. Previously Erin expertly served MTBL patrons as a readers’ advisor for nearly two years.  Please welcome her to her new position. We are in the process of hiring another readers’ advisor.


Nuggets from the National Library Service (NLS)

The NLS Biennial Conference in May, 2014, was attended by Christie Briggs and Erin Harris.  There are many projects and improvements to NLS services in the works.  One notable service improvement included training on new, cutting edge recording software that will increase the quality of our local digital recordings.


NLS Catalogs

You should have recently received the annual Digital Talking Books Plus 2012 catalog that was mailed directly from NLS.  If you have not received a copy and want one, please contact your readers’ advisor.


Last Annual Digital Talking Books Plus Catalogs by NLS

The 2013 Digital Talking Books Plus catalog will be the last annual print catalog NLS will produce and ship to patrons in mid-2015. To search for books online go to the NLS Online Voyager Catalog, http://nlscatalog.loc.gov/ , or search and directly order books on WebOPAC, http://www.klasweb.msl.mt.gov/ , or by contacting your readers’ advisor.  Bimonthly print catalogs will continue to be produced. We suggest that you keep your bimonthly catalogs for future reference.


Changes to Catalog Order Forms

Due to popular demand, the order forms for the September-October 2014 issues of Braille Book Review and Talking Book Topics will return to listing books in the same order as the titles appear in the publications. Subject category headings will be included on the order forms to assist navigation.


Currency Readers Available in 2015

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) has partnered with NLS to provide a free currency reader to each blind or visually impaired patron.  This device identifies U.S. banknote denominations.  Contact the Montana Talking Book Library to request one.


Page 3


Montana Digital Recording Program


New on BARD – Local Books Go National: 

Downloadable titles produced by regional talking book libraries are now on BARD.  NLS has upgraded the BARD site to include digitally recorded books produced by regional libraries.  MTBL participated in the pre-pilot program and “Hand-Raised: The Barns of Montana” (DBC 00003) was approved as our first downloadable title.  To search for DBC books in the BARD database, enter DBC in the basic search box.  Here are some examples of titles recorded by other libraries:


More Than Petticoats: Remarkable Massachusetts Women by Lura Rogers Seavey.  DBC 00002 (Biography) Produced by the Perkins Braille and Talking Book Library.

The Alpine Journey by Mary Daheim. DBC 00004 (Mystery) Produced by the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library.

The Detroit Electric Scheme by Dan E. Johnson. DBC 00005 (Historical fiction/Mystery) Produced by the Michigan Braille and Talking Book Library.

The Cowboys by William Dale Jennings. DBC 00006 (Western) Produced by the Iowa Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.

The House on Tradd Street by Karen White. DBC 00007 (Paranormal Romance Fiction) Produced by the South Carolina Talking Book Library.

Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall, Denver Moore, and Lynn Vincent. DBC 00008 (Biography) Produced by the Texas Braille and Talking Book Library.

Twelve Mighty Orphans: The Inspiring True Story of the Mighty Mites Who Ruled Texas Football by Jim Dent. DBC 00009 (Sports) Produced by the Texas Braille and Talking Book Library.




Library Holidays


We will be closed on the following dates:

          October 13 (Monday) - Columbus Day

          November 4 (Tuesday) - General Election Day

          November 11 (Tuesday) - Veterans’ Day

          November 27 (Thursday) - Thanksgiving Day

          December 25 (Thursday) - Christmas Day




 Page 4


Technology Tailings


Talking Book Topics (TBT) Comes in Two Formats

The NLS magazine, Talking Book Topics (TBT), is available in large print or in a digital format.  The bimonthly magazine can be used to order specific titles which have recently become available to our patrons. 

Large Print Format:  The form is found in the back of the magazine.  You may keep the large print TBT. 

Digital Format: The order form for the digital format is a small white booklet sent separately from the digital magazine.  If the bimonthly TBT is your only magazine, the TBT magazine will come by itself on a cartridge.  If you receive additional magazines, the digital TBT magazine is included bimonthly on a cartridge with the others. The digital cartridge must be returned within two weeks.  Use the bookshelf feature and fast forward button to find Talking Book Topics. 

Bookshelf Feature on Your Digital Player: A How to Guide

The bookshelf feature is used to find multiple books and/or magazines on a digital cartridge or flash drive. The following steps are used to access and use the bookshelf feature:

Step 1 – Power on player.

Step 2 – Insert the digital cartridge or flash drive.

Step 3 – Press and hold the Play/Stop button for 4 seconds or until you hear “Bookshelf.” If there are multiple books and/or magazines on the cartridge, the machine will beep once and tell you the number of items on the cartridge.  It will say “books” for both magazines and books.


Step 4 – To find the title you want on the bookshelf, press the Fast-Forward button once for each title.  To go back, press the Rewind button once for each title.

Step 5 – When you find the title you want, press the Play/Stop button twice to listen to your selection.

Step 6 – To find another title, repeat steps 1 to 5.


Note: If there is only one book on the cartridge or flash drive, the book shelf feature cannot be accessed.

Helpful Hint: Playing the Book Twice

“I loved the book and want to play it again.  How do I play the book twice without rewinding it?”  After the book says “End of book,” simply press the PLAY button twice!  The player will restart your book at the beginning.


Page 5

Custom Cartridge Cable

Contact your readers’ advisor to order a free custom cartridge cable that connects your own cartridge to your computer’s USB port for downloading BARD materials.  Cartridges are sometimes preferred over flash or thumb drives for downloading.


Purchasing Blank Cartridges

If you wish to purchase a blank cartridge contact your readers’ advisor for a vendor list or find a list of vendors at this link:




Reader’s Alley: Recommended Reads


Beyond the Bear: How I Learned to Live and Love Again after Being Blinded by a Bear by Dan Bigley DB 76560 (Biography) After a near-fatal grizzly bear attack, the author recounts his recovery and life after the accident. Some strong language.

The One-Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson. DB 75820 (Adventure/Humor/Bestseller)  A former demolitions expert, escapes from a Swedish old folks home, steals a money-filled suitcase and begins a madcap adventure. While running from criminals and the police, readers learn about his Forrest Gump-like life story. Some strong language.

Italian Lessons by Peter Pezzelli. DB 76483 (Romance/Family fiction) To pursue the woman of his dreams, Carter Quinn needs to learn Italian.  His teacher doesn’t want questions about his past. Both find surprises as their friendship develops.

The Walk by Richard Paul Evans. DB 71348 (Adventure) Seattle advertising executive Alan Christoffersen has everything until his beloved wife dies, his business partner steals their clients, and his house is repossessed.  In search of new meaning, Alan decides to walk to Florida and befriends people along the way.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green DB 74112 (Human relationships/Bestseller)  Despite the miracle medical drug giving her more time, 16-year-old Hazel still has terminal cancer.  Her life story is rewritten when Augustus comes to the Cancer Kid Support Group.  For senior high and older readers.

Paperboy by Vince Vawter DB 78178 (2014 Newbery Honor) Despite his stutter, 11-year-old Victor is forced to communicate with a variety of people along his paper route in 1950’s Memphis. Some violence and strong language. For grades 5-8.






Page 6



Hostiles? The Lakota Ghost Dance and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West by Sam A. Maddra. MDB 2018 (History) In the 1890’s less that four months after Wounded Knee, twenty-three Lakota Sioux were released from prison into the custody of William F. Cody and hired to perform as “hostiles” before British audiences.

Grace Stone Coates: Her Life in Letters by Lee Rostad. MDB 950 (Biography/ Poetry) 1881-1976.  Born in Kansas, Grace was a young teacher in Butte, MT, when she married Henderson Coates in 1910.  This is a compilation of her poetry and correspondence.

Montana Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff by Ednor Therriault MDB 2012 (Travel/History) A laugh-out-loud guide introduces readers to the offbeat people, places, and events in Montana.

The Bad Boys of Butte by Les Rickey. MDB 1009 (True crime/History) A collection of stories about the crooks and the law enforcement in Butte, MT, which covers the last half of the 20th century in the Mining City.

Indian Trails and Grizzly Tales By Bud Cheff, Sr. MDB 738 (Biography) The author recounts his memories of growing up living and hunting in the Mission Mountain area.  The short tales range from humorous, to curious, to tragic.

Seasonal Cleaning? — Go Digital.

Is your cassette machine just sitting on the shelf unused? Return it to the Montana Talking Book Library.  Stories are no longer produced on cassette tapes.  If you want a book that is only available in cassette, we can send you a cassette player with the book.  NOTE: It is helpful when returning machines to let your readers’ advisor know that you do not need a replacement.



Donations and Memorials

The generosity of our donors enhances library services to patrons. Tax deductible contributions are greatly appreciated.  An acknowledgement is sent to each donor. Please include the person’s name for whom a memorial is made and the name and address of those to be notified of a contribution.


Donations January-May 2014

Thank you to Ivan O’Neil, Blanche Warburton, Rose Leary, Becca Starkey (in honor of her mother), Eleanor Furbush, Al Beavis, Maxine and Larry Pogreba, Veva Lee Spencer, Eva Steinmasel, and in-kind bountiful treats from volunteers and all.



Page 7


Treasure State News


 Most Popular Titles Read by Montana Patrons

In the past twelve months, the winner in the fiction category for the most popular book was Touching the Sky by Tracie Peterson. DB 74851 (Historical fiction/Inspirational romance/Montana author) In Texas after the Civil War, the Marquardt sisters fall in love with men from opposing armies, and Laura teaches ex-slaves to read. Book two in the Land of the Lone Star series.

In the nonfiction category the most popular book checked out was Jungleland: A Mysterious Lost City, a WWII Spy, and a True Story of Deadly Adventure by Christopher S. Stewart. DB 76405 (Travel/Adventure) A journalist recounts and compares his 2008 search for the lost city of Ciudad Blanca in Central America with the 1940’s expedition by American spy, Theodore Morde.


Montana Association For the Blind (MAB) 2014 Convention

This year’s convention will be in Great Falls, September 12-14, at the Holiday Inn. The keynote speaker is Michael May, a nationally recognized entrepreneur. Read Crashing Through: A Story of Risk, Adventure, and the Man Who Dared to See (DB 63747) by Robert Kurson, who profiles Michael May.  Michael was blinded at age three and later became a champion skier, CIA analyst, entrepreneur and national speaker. Contact Ed Worrell: 406-231-6822 or edworrell@live.com for registration information.


MAB Summer Orientation Program (SOP)—Summer 2015

Montana Association for the Blind offers a four week training course for newly blind Montanans to learn daily living and many other skills to reach independence. The tentative date for next year’s SOP is June 15th to July 17th at Carroll College in Helena. For further information contact the Montana Association for the Blind’s State office, at 406-442-9411 or montanaassociationfortheblind@gmail.com for a student application.


National Federation of the Blind of Montana (NFB-MT)

-The NFB-MT At-large Chapter meets monthly, by teleconference, on the second Saturday at 10 a.m. For information e-mail nfbofmt@gmail.com.

-The Yellowstone County Chapter of the NFB-MT meets monthly on the second Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Vintage Suites, 1221 28th Street West, Billings. For information e-mail mhaworth@samobile.net or call 406-794-5057.


Veterans Blind and Low Vision Group Meetings

For a schedule of support and clinic meetings, or a digital copy of the VA Low Vision Clinic Program Guide, contact Stephanie Kilian at 406-447-7565 or Stephanie.Kilian2@va.gov. Stephanie is a VA Low Vision Therapist.




Contact Information


We are on the Web!

Website: msl.mt.gov/tbl

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PHONE NUMBERS: 1-800-332-3400 (toll-free in-state); (in Helena) 406-444-2064

LIBRARY PHONE HOURS: Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or Voice mail 24/7

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